Amc2 Issue 1

The Archive of Modern Conflict collects material dating from prehistory to the present day. As the subject areas expand, they intertwine to reveal unexpected stories about the nature of our world. The inaugural issue of Amc2 journal brings together different groups of work that illuminate lost corners of our cultural life. Photography is, as ever, the keystone of the collection.

List of contents

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The Bourne Estate Poacher Sign
Anonymous Cloud Study
Bollywood Posters & Lobby Cards
Carnival Portrait, Gilles de Binche
Bell Towers of Ireland
Rock Hudson Cut-Out Book
A Collection of Cigarette Cards
The Book of Parphine
Cranial-Restorative Surgery in France during WW1
William Fox Talbot’s Hydrangeas
Fair Heel and Toe Pedestrian: the Victorian Long-Distance Walker
Lucha Libre: Mexican Masked Wrestling
The Physiotherapy Course at Toronto University, 1944
Graham Sutherland’s Preparatory Photographs
Images of Bread
Images from an Archive of the Royal Horse Artillery
Smoking Picasso: Unseen Portraits of Pablo Picasso
Cake Recipes & Images
20th Century Belgian Dog Carts
Heaviest British Subject
Antony Cairns & Nikolai Khomoutetsky: Street Panoramas
Bruce Gilden: New Work
19th Century Parisian Erotica
Lobby Card for Beauty & the Beast Starring George C Scott
Sir Ewan Forbes of Craigievar
Hand-Painted Indian Portraits: Not Taken, But Made
Cigarette Vending Machines
Gordon Earl Adams & His Time Machine
Gustave Le Gray, The Brig
Total Eclipse of the Sun

Amc2 Issue 1

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What’s so great about the people behind this… is that they allow the reader to discover threads of connections between, say, hand-tinted Indian portraits from the early 1900s and the garish colors of Bollywood movie posters and something as esoteric as a Rock Hudson paper doll kit… If you like to celebrate odd and beautiful relics of the recent past, we heartily recommend this new journal, as well as almost every other book title they publish.
— Lens Culture